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SEO & Captivating User Attention: How to find a perfect harmony

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be a very valuable tool when it comes to generating leads from your website. Imagine, a potential prospect searches for keywords related to your business, they find you on the first page of Google and they visit your site. They like what they see and decide to fill out a contact form or pick up the phone and contact you directly. That’s the dream right? Well it’s not always that simple.

You have a very limited window to convince a potential prospect that you are the right company for the job. Most users will make up their mind in a little less than a minute and will navigate away from your website and continue their search somewhere else. No form filled, no phone number dialed, no hope of contact. There goes a missed opportunity and a lead wasted. That’s where Lead Sight Pro comes into play. When a potential prospect visits your website our tracking software is instantly activated. Lead Sight Pro will research and identify the prospect. We’ll gather critical contact information, such as the company name, phone number and much more.

Lead Sight Pro is completely invisible to your website visitor, it requires no registration or form completion to work, and your sales team will receive real time email alerts while visitors are actively engaged on your website. We are able to identify which of your products or services they are interested in and we do this with real time email alerts so you don’t miss a beat!

We are a great supplemental resource to SEO. A good SEO campaign and Lead Sight Pro go hand in hand. Your SEO campaign drives traffic to your site but what happens when a potential prospect decides to navigate away? They’re gone forever. With Lead Sight Pro, you’ll never miss out on a potential prospect again. Every website visitor is a potential lead for your business.

Even better, we offer a fully functional 14 day free trial so you can see it for yourself. Any leads or prospects you gather during the trial are yours to keep. Try it before you buy it! Click HERE to sign-up for your free trial.