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Powerful Analytics

Actionable Lead Data.

Lead Sight Pro’s powerful anonymous website visitor tracking and lead generation software can actually tell you which businesses are visiting, how often they visit, how long they view your pages, and more! We tell you what they are looking for and where they are coming from.

How many sales have slipped away because your team did not have the tools to identify those anonymous website visitors that showed real interest in your product but didn’t fill out a form while on your site? For a modest monthly fee, we will monitor your website visitors and alert you to their presence and their viewing activities. One sale, and the lead software will pay for itself!

With Lead Sight Pro, anonymous website visitor tracking and identification will make it possible for you to improve your business with measurable, real customer data gathered directly from your own website. This data is a compliment to the website visitor tracking data collected for identification purposes and includes basic data reporting, expanded device information, user engagement analysis, entry and exit statistics, referrer information, and more.

Referrer Data.

How is visitor traffic getting to your website? Knowing this allows you to better focus your marketing dollars to maximize for higher sales/conversions. For example, is your website visitor traffic coming from other websites, add campaigns, email campaigns, or social media? Lead Sight Pro will let you know exactly where all of your web traffic is coming from.

Engagement Level Data.

If you knew the engagement level of your visitors, would that change the way you present your company products/services on your website? Knowing how many of your daily visitors are:

  • First Time Visitors
  • Returning Visitors
  • Or Bounced Visitors

Knowing this information can assist you in presenting your services/products in a more efficient way.

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