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Form Capture & Email Campaigns

Put Those Web Forms to Good Use.

At Lead Sight Pro we understand that many of our clients are utilizing forms on their websites in an effort to capture lead data such as email addresses and phone numbers. We listen closely to our customer base and have added the ability integrate that form data with our Lead Sight Pro software.  Not only that, but we have taken it a step further and the added ability to link directly to your supported CRM.

As much as we love to hate online forms, they can be an effective tool to grow your business. Forms can be used for newsletter signup, white paper download, request for more information, and a multitude of other things as well. With our Forms Capture Configuration page all you have to know is the URL that your form is located on, we take care of the rest! Lead Sight Pro will go to that page, pull the data, and provide you with an easy to use Form Field Mapping page.

Unlock the Power of Email Marketing.

Email marketing campaigns are a great way to reach out to new potential customers, pique their interest, and hopefully build your customer base.  But they’re not easy.  A great deal of effort goes in to a successful email campaign, from the choice of email marketing software, to the actual content presented in the emails.  One common mistake made by companies who have implemented or are implementing email marketing campaigns, is what happens after the click.

Getting beyond that first visit is where you can really see the difference between a somewhat interested visitor and a very interested visitor, but what are the chances that they have saved that email and will again click on the link?  Honestly, we don’t think that likelihood is very high.  So what do you do?

This is where the power of Lead Sight Pro’s email campaign feature really comes in to focus. When using the Lead Sight Pro email campaign link builder from the dashboard, you will be able to take that visitor past that click and start tracking all future visits as well – even if they type in the url directly, google search for you, bing search for you, etc.  How awesome is that?

To get the most out of email campaigns, this type of tracking and analytic data is imperative for new and sustained growth.  A product like Lead Sight Pro provides the ability to track a visitor’s initial visit as an email campaign visitor, and the ability to track all future visits by that visitor.  Our dashboard offers one place to track it all.

We offer a fully functional free trial so that you can experience the power of Lead Sight Pro completely risk free and with no credit card required. The free trial allows you to start generating quality leads immediately. Sign up today to experience the sales empowerment of Lead Sight Pro. We are certain you won’t be disappointed with the results! Sign up for your free trial, click here!