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LinkedIn Connection

Expand Your Networking Circle.

Lead Sight Pro turns anonymous website visitors and website visitor tracking into qualified sales leads. When your sales team wants to know who is visiting your website, they are looking for much more than ip addresses and demographic data. They are looking for company names, email addresses, phone numbers and LinkedIn connections. With Lead Sight Pro’s website visitor tracking tool, you’ll get actionable lead data, in real time, and you’ll be given the research tools you need to convert those warm leads into real sales.

Our email alerts will provide you with detailed information about the visitor, their company, the pages viewed, their history, and also include research information like pre-populated links to research sites, keywords used, and any email campaign information. We also give you the ability to connect with you potential lead via their Linked In profile. Make a real connection and expand you business network.

Designed specifically with sales people in mind, Lead Sight Pro provides the following information:

  • Who your website visitors are
  • What company they are from
  • What products or services they are interested in
  • Their contact information
  • The length of time spent on your site

We offer a fully functional free trial so that you can experience the power of Lead Sight Pro completely risk free and with no credit card required. The free trial allows you to start generating quality leads immediately. Sign up today to experience the sales empowerment of Lead Sight Pro. We are certain you won’t be disappointed with the results! Sign up for your free trial, click here!