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  • Number of Companies Identified

    This number represents the total number of companies we identified for you during your 2 week free trial. Based on this data we’ll create an annualized report.

    1000 +
  • Percentage of Quality Leads

    Not every visitor is going to be a potential client. This number can range drastically based on your industry, marketing efforts, and traffic volume. Most companies fall within a 10% to 40% range.

    % 100 %
  • Average Contact Rate

    Depending on who your target customer is, the average contact rate can differ greatly. Some people have more volume based businesses and others need only a handful of large accounts. Our customers’ contact rate average is 10% so if you’re unsure what to put here we’d recommend using the 10% average.

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  • Average Customer Value

    We understand this can be very difficult to figure out. Maybe some customers pay you $2,000 while other are $300,000. Do your best to come up with an average amount and plug it into the field below.

    $ $ 1000000 +
  • Average Close Rate

    Your product, service, and sales skill will greatly affect this number. Some people know on average they will close 75% of qualified leads while others may only secure 15%. If you have this number handy from a sales report that would be best, but if not, please do your best to estimate.

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