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Case Studies

Check out some of our greatest success stories!

We've helped numerous clients improve their marketing efforts, spanning a wide range of different industries.
Consulting Company

We were spending money on marketing with poor results. With Lead Sight Pro, our same marketing budget is producing significantly better results. So glad we found this amazing service.

Marketing Company

This inexpensive tool has given our sales team new life. Instead of wasting time cold calling, we spend our time following up with people we know are interested in our services.

Manufacturing Company

Lead Sight Pro has officially become the best money we’ve ever spent on marketing. Before (LSP) we had no idea how many leads were on our website that didn’t reach out.

Recruiting Company

Lead Sight Pro offers a great toolset that has enabled our company to generate sales we would have never had. I wish we had this tool when we started this company.


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Premium FeaturesAll of our plans include the same set of versatile features.

Identify Anyone

Find out who is on your website, how long they visit each page and know what products or services they’re interested in.

Instant Alerts

Enjoy the qualified, actionable leads provided by Lead Sight Pro in real time with our instant email alerts.

Visitor Details

When Lead Sight Pro identifies a visitor to your site, you’ll get the company name, number, email and so much more!

LinkedIn Connection

With Lead Sight Pro, you’ll have access to prepopulated links from major business resources like LinkedIn & Google.

Powerful Analytics

The visitor tool feature combines all the data received from your website in one place, providing a powerful dashboard.

Form Capture

Lead Sight Pro form capture component lets you integrate your website forms and import them directly to your CRM.

How It Works

A prospect will visit your website activating our tracking software. Lead Sight Pro will research and identify the prospect. We’ll gather critical contact information, such as the company name, phone number and much more. Once the research is complete we’ll send you the qualified lead via email OR you can login to your very own dashboard to see even more detailed information about potential leads for your business. It’s like caller ID for your website!

Qualified Sales Leads

We go way beyond other tracking tools, which usually only provide you with a location and an IP Address. Not really useful information. Lead Sight Pro will provide you with real actionable lead data like: names, the industry, email addresses, company stats and much more! Anonymous website visitor tracking and lead generation software are popular tools among sales people today for one main reason: they work!

Easy To Install

Lead Sight Pro is super easy to install, simple to use, and will run automatically in the background of your website.  –  After only a 5 minute install, you will be receiving real time updates of the (previously anonymous) visitors to your website. If you have any issues we are here 24/7 to help and guide you to a better online marketing strategy.

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